Store Hours of Operation:Mon-Sunday 7AM-6PM.. Till we are caught up with deer processing!!

Closed On:Memorial Day, July 4, ?Vacation?, Labor Day,Thanksgiving,

Fax: 816.229.1080


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  • !!!! DEER SEASON 2018-2019 !!!!

*** We now provide a number to a on the farm Slaughter/Butcher for on the farm Kills.. If interested please call the Store First to get the phone numbers*** 8162293151


Winter Meat Processing offers a wide variety of products for you and your family.
Buy local for the best value and quality

Save Money when you...


Here is where you can get a great product for less each day.

Weekday Sales and Specials in House/Store

  Cut Regular/Normal Price The Day Sales Price
Monday Ribeye $10.89 $8.99 lb.


Baby Back Ribs $4.29 $2.99 lb.
Wednesday Blns Chicken Brest $2.89 $2.69 lb.
Thursday Pork Tenderlion $4.99 $3.59 lb.
Friday K C Strip $10.79 $8.99 lb.
Saturday N/A N/A N/A
Sunday N/A N/A N/A



Winter Meat was started by our dad, John Winter when he purchased the business from John Arnold in March of 1967.

The history of the business starts with John Winter. Our dad was born in 1920 in Luwich, Poland. His father owned and operated a butcher shop in Luwich. Back then, the whole family worked the business. By the time John Winter was 16 years old, he was a master butcher.

World War II broke out and dad ended up working for the US Army for 5 years. By the time the war ended, our father and the US Army ended up stationed in Garmisch, Germany where he met Berta, our mother, and married in 1949. They purchased a butcher shop in Garmisch. After the war ended, it became increasingly difficult to make a living. In 1951, Jack was born in Germany.

Friends made in the US Army suggested and convinced them to move to the USA in 1952. They settled in Kansas City, MO. At that time, meat packaging plants were in the river bottoms in Missouri and Kansas. Dad had no problems finding work at Wilson Meat Packaging Company for 15 years. During that time, Perry was born in Kansas City in 1955. All of this leading up to John Winter purchasing the business in 1967.

In 1967, Blue Springs was a farm community with a population of about 2,500. The old building was off of 11th street. At that time, the business consisted of butchering and processing sides and quarters of beef, whole and half hogs along with maintaining a fresh meat counter. We outgrew the old building and dad built the current building in 1973. We had 3 times more space and expanded our retail sales. During the 1970's and 1980's, the building boom hit and a multitude of farmers sold their land. Blue Springs became a growing suburb.

During the growth, modern supermarkets came to town as well. This put quite the damper on custom butchering which in turn, put our business in a "funk". John Winter was diagnosed with cancer in the late 1980's and past away in December of 1990. As brothers, Jack and I had difficult decisions to make in regards to the business. We decided to shut down the fresh meat counter, went to freezing meat and offering package deals. We also concentrated on butchering and processing since there were few markets opening to offer these services.

First, the Party Pig business was initiated as wholesale and retail sales. Next, we offered custom butchering of hogs to other businesses. We also started taking in deer for processing. Several other small butcher shops began closing in the 90's. We then hooked up with a farm butcher, John Baldwin. When the year 2000 rolled around, deer processing was at it's height for business. We were averaging 1000 deer processing jobs plus another 1000 custom butchering jobs. Business was well. In the past few years, we have all suffered from the housing market crash, gasoline being up to $4 a gallon and a lot of people have lost their jobs. With all this happening, deer processing has dropped by 40% and party pig sales have steadily declined over the past 3 years. Once again, the times have put our business in yet another "funk".

Winter Meat will still offer all the previous services we have in the past plus some. We are now offering additional bulk pricing with a few different package deals which incorporate more varieties of meats.

Winter Meat has been in business for 45 years. We strive for great customer service and to offer quality meats at reasonable prices. Hopefully, the economy will pick back up and we can all get out of this "funk". If there are any cuts of meat that you do not see on this site, please call us at 816.229.3151.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and we hope to hear from you soon!

Jack & Perry

As well as offering you products to fill up your freezer or just make dinner, we offer catering. We can have food prepared for you to pick up and have your family renunion, office party or any occassion so you don't have to fuss with the preparation. If you want to cook the pig yourself, we offer fresh party pigs for that too.

Catering Order: allow 1 week for processing/preparation
You can DOWNLOAD our order form to email or fax in your order. You can always give us a call and place your order as well 816.229.3151

("Please take note that some hog sizes are NOT AVAILABLE at this time. This is do to not being able to locate any in our local area. Please ask us about alternatives ideas for hogs 75 lbs and Down"

35 – 50 People

75 – 90 People

10 lb Potato Salad
10 lb Baked Beans
10 lb Cole Slaw
4 loaves Bread
45 oz BBQ Sauce

20 lb Potato Salad
20 lb Baked Beans
20 lb Cole Slaw
8 loaves Bread
90 oz BBQ Sauce

Select from the meat below to choose the package price to go with above selection.


50 lbs Cooked Hog


100 lbs Cooked Hog


15 lbs Sliced Brisket


30 lbs Sliced Brisket


10 Slabs Ribs

20 Slabs Ribs


½ & ½ Ribs & Brisket


½ & ½ Ribs & Brisket


15 lbs Brisket, Ham & Turkey


30 lbs Brisket, Ham & Turkey


Al la cart items


Smoked Brisket

$12.00 lb

Smoked Pork Ribs

$5.50 lb

Smoked Ham

$3.89 lb

Smoked Turkey

$4.89 lb

Potato Salad 10 lbs

$20.00 lb

Baked Beans 10 lbs

$28.00 lb

Cole Slaw 10 lbs

$25.00 lb

BBQ Sauce 45 oz $4.95 lb


Party Pigs

Price per lb.



$2.89 lb

50 - 90 lbs


$2.59 lb

91 - 125 lbs

  $1.89 lb 126 lbs +


$3.89 lb

50 - 90 lbs


$3.59 lb

91 - 125 lbs

  $2.89 lb 126 lbs - 150 lb max


Pricing Information Adobe Reader Required 
Beef | Pork | Chicken | Smoked Meats | Catering | Retail Beef & Pork | Custom Slaughter & Processing | Deer | Bulk

We offer package deals as seen below. Download price sheet or download our order form for packages.

1. Family (ground beef) $220.00
Steak 15 lbs | Roast 18 lbs | Ground Beef 17 lbs

2. Family (ground beef) $110.00
Steak 7.5 lbs | Roast 9 lbs | Ground Beef 8.5 lbs

3. Family (ground chuck) $115.50
Steak 7.5 lbs | Roast 9 lbs | Ground Beef 8.5 lbs

4. Steaks & Burger (ground beef) $230.00
Assorted Steaks 25 lbs | Ground Beef 25 lbs

5. Steaks & Burger (ground chuck) $257.00
Assorted Steaks 25 lbs | Ground Chuck 25 lbs

6. Patio $129.00
T-Bone Steak 5 lbs | Sirloin Steak 5 lbs | Club Steak 5 lbs | Beef Patties 10 lbs

7. Steak Pack $235.00

Fillets Steaks 5 lbs KC Strip Steaks 5 lbs T-Bone Steak 5 lbs Sirloin Steak 5 lbs Club Steak 5 lbs

8. Family Beef & Chicken Pack (ground beef) $220.00
Steak 15 lbs | Roast 10 lbs | Ground Beef 15 lbs | Chicken (variety) 10 lbs

9. Family Beef & Chicken Pack (ground chuck) $240.00
Steak 15 lbs | Roast 10 lbs | Ground Chuck 15 lbs | Chicken (variety) 10 lbs

10. Family Beef & Chicken Assortment (ground beef) $235.00
Steak 20 lbs | Ground Beef 20 lbs | Chicken (variety) 10 lbs

11. Family Beef & Chicken Assortment (ground chuck) $255.00
Steak 20 lbs | Ground Chuck 20 lbs | Chicken (variety) 10 lbs

12. 100 lb Family Pack Beef, Pork and Chicken (ground beef) $375.00
Steak 15 lbs | Roast 18 lbs | Ground Beef 17 lbs
Pork Chops 5 lbs | Pork Steak 5 lbs | Spare Ribs 5 lbs | Bacon 5 lbs | Sausage 5 lbs
Boneless Chicken Breasts 10 lbs | Wings 5 lbs | Thighs 5 lbs | Drumsticks 5 lbs

13. Pork Package $84.50 25 lbs

Pork Chops 5 lbs Pork Steaks 5 lbs Spare Ribs 5 lbs Bacon 5 lbs Pork Sausage 5 lbs

14. Chicken Package $59.50
Boneless Skinless Breast 10 lbs | Wings 5 lbs | Thighs 5 lbs | Drumsticks 5 lbs

15. 25 lb People Preferred Package $280.00
Fillet 5 lbs | Ribeye 5 lbs | KC Strip 5 lbs | Ground Sirloin 10 lbs

16. 50 lb People Preferred Package $470.00
Fillet 5 lbs | Ribeye 5 lbs | KC Strip 5 lbs | Porterhouse 5 lbs | Rump Roast 7.5 lbs | Prime Rib 7.5 lbs | Ground Sirloin 15 lbs

17. 50 lb White Meat Package $140.00
25 lb Chicken Package | 25 lb Pork Package


*Prices subject to change without notice – check back when you are ready to purchase for up to date pricing.

Here You Can Find All The Products That Are Not Listed In The Store We Do Sale...
(some items may have to be on a order)


Fresh Ham...$2.49 lb
Pork Liver...$1.49 lb
Whole Pork Belly...$3.89 lb
Ground Pork... $2.89 lb


Beef Heart... $1.79 lb
Beef Tongue... $3.89 lb
Beef Liver...$1.89
Oxtail... $4.89 lb
Sweet Breads... $2.89
Shank with Bone... $3.89 lb
Bonless Shank Meat... $4.99 lb
Flank Steak... $7.89 lb
Stew Meat... $5.39 lb
Beef Short Ribs... $ 4.89 lb
UNTrimmed Brisket... $4.99 lb
Trimmed Brisket.. $5.99 lb
Short Ribs $3.89 lb
Top Round $4.99 lb


5lbs Turkey Fries...$30.00
SMOKING YOUR TURKEY FOR THANKSGIVING...$1.00 per Pound ((((Must be here a week before Holiday))))


Buy by the case to receive 25-50% off retail prices.

We understand that some customers prefer certain cuts of meat. Thus, they order a 1/2 side of beef or a 1/2 hog just to get the cuts they want. Buy purchasing bulk...this is where you, the consumer can save.
Just as an example...say your favorite steak is a T-Bone. Currently, we retail this cut for $8.59 lb. Grocery stores usually run $9-10 lb. A case of Short Loin (the term used for the whole loin where the T-Bone and Porterhouse steaks are cut from) goes for $5.10 lb for the case which contains 3 loins and averages out to about 60 lbs. At this price, we will custom cut, wrap in freezer paper and mark the packages. We can cut the loin as is or trim the fat to your preference. There might be 8-10 lbs of fat in a case of loins thereby leaving you with about 50 lbs of steak which averages out to be approximately $6.00 lb. That alone is a savings of 30-40% off retail pricing. If you cannot afford a whole case, we can sell you 1-2 loins at $0.50 lb higher which is still a great deal. If this is something you are interested in, you could have friends or family go in on a case with you - so you all save!

Not only beef and pork case prices are available, we are now offering chicken and turkey as well. Pricing is listed below. If you would like to order in CASE QTY, you can download our order form.

Per Pound
x Weight (lbs)
Est. Price
Short Loins
KC Strip
Bone-in Ribeye
Sirloin Top-Butt
Ground Beef
Pork Loin
Center Cut Pork Loin
Boneless Pork Loin
Pork Tenderloin
Pork Shoulder Butt
Spare Ribs
Baby Back Ribs
Smoked Bacon
Wampler Brand Whole Hog Sausage Patties
Wampler Brand Whole Hog Sausage Links


$10 Plus when asked to Custom Wrap Case of Chicken

Split Breast
Leg Quarters
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
Prices subject to change without notice.



We offer fresh bones by the pound and smoked bones by the piece for your dog to enjoy! Why pay retail prices when you can get'em at wholesale prices? Shop with us and save on treats for your pet!

Smoked Bones by the Piece $3.00 ea
Fresh Bones    
Regular Bones $1.00 lb
Small Femur/Marrow $2.00 lb


Directions via I-70: I-70 to Exit 20 - 7 Hwy in Blue Springs South on 7 Hwy approx.
¾ mile to Main Street. West on Main to 12th Street. North on 12th Street to 110 NW 12th Street.

Phone: 1(816)229-3151

{EMAILS} | |

Deer Season 2017-2018

Please Click Here To See All Deer Prices

1. All Deer Must Be Fully Field Dress and Clean Before Drop Off.. (Lungs and any entrails left in will be subjected to extra charges or turn away at the back door)

2. !!!PLEASE DO NOT CUT NONE OF THE BACK LEG TENDONS!!! IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON US TO SKIN OR TO CAPE WE WILL CHARGE EXTRA FEES FOR THE EXTRA WORK IF YOU CUT THE TENDONS.. We need them to help pull the hides off and hang the deer on to our hooks.. Please, Please, Please, do not cut..

3. All Deer Must Be Pick Up With In 60 Days When Notified ( If We can't get a hold of you or you don't pick when it's done after 60 days we will charge extra for storage..)

4.""IMPORTANT RESTRICTIONS""".. Any Deer That Come From A CWD (Chonic Waste Disease) Country by Missouri law must be brought to us as boneless meat.. The carcass must stay within that manage county to stop the spread of CWD.. Any Whole Deer From These Countrys //Link of Manage Countys // Will Be Refused At The Door.. !!!Please Note This Is Serious For Everyone's Effort To Help Stop The Spread and to Control It!!!


Hours of Operation:. Closed Thankgiving, Christmas, New Years.. Hours May Change Back to original operation hours Without Notice...

Hours of Operation Can Change On Without Notice Do To Outcome Of Season....

Back To Normal Hours..




USDA Inspected - We Accept

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